3 Pack Trilogy Kit


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3 Pack Trilogy Kit

Unlock the power of perfection with our dynamic Tough Cookie trio. Three products known for its high-performance formulations are now available in a convenient trilogy pack. Experience the ultimate in strength, durability, and style with our exceptional set of three. Elevate your nail game with Maskscara. We pride ourselves in ensuring all our gel formulations are produced with the greatest care. Our Gel-iT formulation offers you the highest grade of UV/LED gel materials.


  • Clear Rubber Base Coat.
  • Non Wipe Carbon Top Coat.
  • Triple Bond Primer.

Clear Rubber Base Coat

  • Created to extend the wear cycle of your colour gel.
  • Formulated for use under gel polish colour as well as builder gel application.
  • Self Levelling and Easy to apply.
  • Ultimate flexibility and grip.

Non Wipe Carbon Top Coat

  • 5 Times stronger and more durable than traditional top coats.
  • Super Brightness and protective seal.
  • Super High Gloss long lasting shine.
  • Virtually Scratch Resistant  & Anti-Yellow fade protection.

Tripple Bond Primer

  • 3XV primer is a slightly thicker formula with the added benefit of vitamins B5 & E.
  • Enhanced grip for long lasting applications.
  • MMA free and gentle on the nail without sacrificing performance.
  • Perfect for customers that experience repeated lifting of applications.
  • LESS IS MORE! Keep the 3XV application thin for ultimate bond results.

How to use this pack.

  • Push back cuticles and gently buff the nail surface to remove the shine.
  • Dust the surface to remove dust and apply a coat of Maskscara Dehydr8 to the nails.
  • Apply a THIN  coat of Maskscara 3XV vitamin enriched primer to the nails and allow to settle for 30 sec.
  • Apply a thin coat of Maskscara Rubber Base Coat and cure for 60 sec.
  • Proceed with the desired colour application requirement.
  • To seal apply a coat of the Maskscara Non-Wipe Carbon Top Coat to seal. Cure for 60 seconds.

PRO Tip!

  • 3XV Triple Bond Vitamin enriched primer should not be applied over tips.
  • DO NOT store in direct sunlight or expose to excessive heat.
  • It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for proper application, LED lamp preference/curing, to ensure the best results.

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