Acrylic Powder 10g Mellow Yellow

Acrylic Powder 10g Mellow Yellow


 HOW DO I USE Acrylic Powder 10g Mellow Yellow:

  • Prep your nails as instructed and pour a small amount of monomer into a dappen dish.
  • Prep the brush by immersing it in the monomer to thoroughly wet the bristles and to remove trapped air bubbles.
  • Once prepped wipe on a clean paper towel.


  • Dip the brush into the monomer and wipe off the excess liquid on the side of the dappen dish.
  • Touch the tip of the brush onto the Acrylic Powder 10g Mellow Yellow to create the desired bead size.
  • Allow the monomer to saturate the powder.
  • The bead should be medium size with a smooth, satin finish with a round shape.


  • Place the bead just above the centre of the nail plate.
  • Avoid flooding the cuticle area with product.
  • Tap the bead gently moving it along the cuticle being sure not to touch the skin.
  • Feather the remaining acrylic toward the free edge and press the product to stroke down and smooth.
  • Apply a 2nd bead of acrylic to the centre of the nail and continue with the application method until the entire nail is evenly covered and smooth


  • Allow the acrylic to dry completely by allowing it to cure.
  • File and shape the acrylic to the desired shape.
  • Apply Top coat to seal or apply your favourite gel colour as per application requirements.


  • Use with Monomer for the best results.
  • Always work in a well-ventilated area to reduce inhalation of fumes and fine dust.
  • Avoid getting product onto the skin and wash hands after every application to effectively remove product residue.


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