Film wax Champagne Shimmer 1kg


Champagne Shimmer Hot Film Wax is designed to pamper the senses with a subtle sophisticated fragrance. The wax is enriched with titanium dioxide to reduce redness and irritation, especially suited for intimate areas.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Creamy based wax with skin calming extracts
  • Designed for any part of the body – especially suited to Brazilian and underarm waxing
  • Soft & pliable
  • Leaves skin silky smooth with no sticky residue.

Our Hot Film Wax is especially suited for intimate areas and facial waxing. Use our Strip wax for larger areas. It applies like Strip Wax, sets like Hot Wax, and peels off with amazing elasticity. Hot Film Wax combines the advantages of a Strip and Hot Wax in one product!

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Film wax Champagne Shimmer 1kg