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PNB Brush on glue.

What is it?

  • Brush on glue for nails is a type of nail glue that comes with a brush applicator.
  • It is used to apply artificial nails or to repair broken nails.
  • The glue is applied directly onto the natural nail or the artificial nail and then the two are pressed together.
  • The glue dries quickly and creates a strong bond between the two surfaces.
  • Some brush on glues are also designed to be used with nail tips.
  • They can be used to attach the tips to the natural nails or to each other.

How to use it?

  • Choose natural or clear tips in your desired shape and length.
  1. Popular nail tip shapes include coffin, almond, stiletto, square, rounded or oval, and squoval.
  2. These typically come in lengths of extra-short, short, medium, long, and extra-long.
  3. Avoid using white tips since these require much more preparation to get the gel to bond.


  • Assign 1 nail tip to each of your natural nails, matching the widths.

To do this, find a tip that perfectly matches the width of your natural nail. The edges of the tip should line up perfectly with the sidewalls of your natural nail.

  1. If you choose a set with more than 10 tips, you’ll have more sizes to choose from.
  2. Therefore this can be helpful if you’re not sure what widths you’ll need.


  • Glue the tips onto the ends of your natural nails.

Brush a small amount of nail glue into the well on the underside of the first nail tip. Press the entire well area down onto your natural nail tip, keeping the sides of your nail and the tip in perfect alignment. Hold the tip in place for between 5 to 10 seconds until the bond is secure. Then proceed to apply each of the remaining 9 nail tips to the corresponding natural nails.

  1. So make sure the entire well area overlaps with your natural nail for the most secure application.
  2. Use a rocking motion as you press on the nail tip to squeeze out any air bubbles from the glue.