Julienne Sensitive Light Brown

Julienne Sensitive Light Brown.

Julienne’s Sensitive Brow & Lash Tint is the perfect tint solution for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. This dermatologically approved, hypo-allergenic formula delivers rich colour to brows and lashes while remaining gentle and well-tolerated by the skin.

The 15ml tube facilitates up to 35 applications. Colours available in Midnight Black, Dark Brown and Light Brown to cater to all skin shades and hair colour.

With Julienne Tint Sensitive Light Brown, we promise:

  • Easy 2 step application process
  • Long-lasting rich, pigmented colour
  • Full grey coverage
  • Definitive 72-hour skin stain benefit
  • Lasts up to 3 weeks
  • Ammonia free
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Local manufacture with a proud, South African heritage

Wearing gloves, squeeze a line of tint into a tinting glass bowl. Squeeze an equal line of Julienne Cream Developer on the other side of the tint. Mix the two with a tinting brush until blended.

Apply the dye quickly, using the brush to go over your brow hairs. If gray hairs are a concern (the joys of getting older), apply to gray areas first. Use a timer to mark five minutes. After five minutes, rinse it all off using a damped facial cotton pad to ensure you get all the dye off. Wash the dye off, don’t rub it off. You remove hairs that way. Blotting softly should do the trick. Finish off with post wax creme to calm the skin around the tinted area.

From the careful sourcing of the finest quality raw materials, through to rigorous production control and ISO 22716 accreditation, Salon Specifics quality assurance is an ongoing process that results in products of a consistently excellent standard. Salon Specifics uses the highest quality, tried and tested ingredients, producing consistent, market leading products that give you the confidence to deliver professional treatments to your clients.
Salon Specifics products are locally made and cruelty-free.


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