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The easiest way to flash cure gel. The Flash Cure LED Lamp is specially designed for the first step in full cover tip application. The design is perfect for freehand flash curing convenience. Also can be used for nail art, and gem stone applications.

Do not use solvent liquids or spray directly onto unit when cleaning, this will damage the unit and void the warranty

Please note:

This product holds a 7-day warranty from the date of purchase.

Color of product may vary.

The purpose of the 3W Single Finger LED Flash Curing Lamp is to FLASH CURE (to give instant adhesion) to nail art embellishments or to secure a full tip into position. It will NOT effectively cure a full set Gel Polish Application, that will require the use of the correct 80watt curing unit


All electrical products are checked for physical damage and tested by a quality control procedure before they are dispatched.

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hLED Torch

KINDLY NOTE: Colour may vary.

Single Torch Flash Curing LED Lamp (Includes 3xAAA Batteries)

What is it?

  • A nail flashlight is a portable and handheld flashlight that is used to cure gel nails.
  • The curing process works by setting the nails under ultraviolet light. So it helps to harden and protect the polish.


  • Convenient & Light weight
  • Short hardening time
  • UV light
  • Can be used for setting Gel and various kind of UV products.
  • Can be used for both hands and feet.
  • 9 LEDs (pink); 12 LEDs (silver), low power consumption, ultra-bright, visible over a long distance
  • Perfect for travelling.
  • Because of the small size of the torch, cure each nail individually for a minimum of 60 seconds (Depending on the product)
  • Operating voltage: 4.5V
  • Also can be kept in purse for quick touch ups.
  • Also useful for small tasks


  • Color: Random will be sent
  • Power: 12W
  • LED QTY: 9 (pink) ; 12 (silver)

You can use this LED torch for various Nail art (cure gems onto the nails, Foils, nail art drawings). As well as curing tips to your nails using gel or just fixing a broken nail instead of using your nail lamp just for 1 finger.

Please note:

  • Do not use this product for a whole gel service of the hands. As it will take you a long time to do your nails.
  • Therefore this product is only intended to be used for one finger at a time.
  • So make sure you hold the light as close as possible to the nail that needs to be cured without touching the nail. Therefore ensuring maximum curing of the nail.

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