Marble Ink #11 Orange


15ml Orange Marble Ink

Shake well before use! Maskscara Marble Ink can be used directly onto a cured layer of colour gel polish for a deeper colour effect or onto a layer of cured Non Wipe Top Coat for a softer blend. Its all about having fun and playing with Marble Ink! Drop / Paint the Ink onto the nail and watch the magic happen! For a softened blend use a gel brush and some pure acetone to spread the ink! Once you are satisfied with your Marble-icious Nails, allow the ink to dry fully and seal with a layer of Gel Top Coat.

Ingredients: Ployurethane Acrylate, Oligomer Acrylate, Oligomer Oligome, 1-Hydroxycyclohexlphenyl Ethyl, 2-Acetyl-3-Methylbutanoate.

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