Maskscara Monomer 150ml

Maskscara Monomer 150ml.

What is monomer?

  • Maskscara Professional Monomer has been expertly formulated using high quality raw materials.
  • Use this product in combination with Maskscara Pro acrylic powders to create the finest nail enhancements with a superior quality finish.
  • Maskscara Pro Monomer is FREE of harmful MMA chemicals, cruelty free, offers increased colour stability with is UV stabilizing technology, gives you maximum retention and is perfect for nail techs of all levels.



  • Prepare your nails as per normal. Pour Maskscara acrylic liquid into your dappen dish.
  • Dip the acrylic brush into the dappen dish to saturate the bristles.
  • Lightly swipe brush on side of dish to remove excess liquid.
  • Dip the brush tip into the acrylic powder and stroke the brush through the powder towards you until you create a ball of acrylic.
  • Apply the ball of acrylic nail to create a smooth coating.
  • Once dried, file, buff and shape.
  • Seal with Maskscara Carbon Top Coat.



  • Use with Maskscara Pro acrylic powders for optimum results.


Can I use something else instead of monomer?

  • Unfortunately, there are no perfect monomer liquid replacements.
  • The monomer was created exclusively for the application of acrylic nails.



  • Monomers tend to have a strong odor, so applying the lotion with a window open or air flowing is best.


Usage & Storage precautions

  • This product is an acrylic activating liquid that is used for acrylic nail applications.
  • This product is for using with Maskscara acrylic polymers (powders).
  • Ensure that cap is secure and that the bottle is stored upright at all times.
  • Store product in a cool, well ventilated area.
  • Keep away from heat, flames, sunlight, static, or electrical sparks.
  • In the event of a fire, use water spray, alcohol-resistant foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide to extinguish.
  • Dispose of container once empty, do not use for any other purpose.
  • Therefore, do not dispose product into common waste system.



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