Nail Art Brush Detailer

Nail Art Brush Detailer

What is a Nail Art Brush?

  • A Nail Art Brush Detailer is a tool used by manicurists to draw designs nail polish and patterns on top of natural or artificial fingernails.
  • These brushes are also sometimes used to create designs and patterns on toenails.
  • In addition to being used in professional settings such as nail salons and spas, these brushes are sometimes used at home by people who have learned to make their own nail art.
  • There are a few nail art brush models that are used to create various effects just as there are different paint brushes that are used to create different effects in paintings on canvases.

Why choose this brush?

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  • Softest bristles and does not lose its hairs when used or cleaned.
  • Are used to create intricate designs, patterns and shapes.