Rubber Base Coat Cover Pink 15ml

About This Product:

This flexible base coat is formulated to give incredible retention and is the perfect base for customers who are looking for extended application wear. The thicker viscosity (consistency) is perfect for customers who have flaky, splitting nails. It forms a strong bond with the natural nail and the thickness gives you the ability to add shape to flat nail plates. Just like rubber; it is flexible and as such it moves with the nail hence why it is a great product to use on thin / weak nails to prevent splitting.

How to use:

Apply thin coats and cure each layer for 60 seconds in a 48 watt UV/LED Combo Lamp or use the low heat setting on the Sun 5 or Sun 5 Plus. Avoid thick coats as this can lead to heat spikes (In general it is preferable to apply gel in thinner layers, if a customer would like a thicker application then we recommend you to do multiple thin coats of gel rather than one thick coat which could result in problems later on with the application).

Pro Tips:

Did you know that White Rubber Base Coat is the perfect base for Maskscara’s Gel-iT GP012 Black Jack? If your customer has very weak nails, you can add 2 to 3 layers of Maskscara’s Gel-iT Nail Strengthening Base Coat over your Rubber Base Coat to add structure to the nail and give you a strong surface and flawless gel polish applications.


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