Top Coat Non Wipe Gold Flakes

Non Wipe Top Coat Gold Flake

Just another Top Coat in the range of Maskscara Top Coats to take your finishing coat to the next level!

Add a dash of gorgeous GOLD GLAMOUR to your gel polish manicure with the Maskscara Non-Wipe GOLD Flake Top Coat. This super shine gold leaf blended top coat is sure to add wow factor as well as compliment any colour with a hint of gold bling.

  •  HOW DO I USE IT ?  Apply your favourite Maskscara gel colour to your nails as per gel polish colour application procedure making sure to cure each layer for 60 seconds using your Maskscara LED lamp. Apply a coat of the Maskscara Non-Wipe Flake Top Coat over the colour and cure for 60 seconds. Flake Non-Wipe will seal the nail creating high shine, black flake finish. No added top coat layers are needed.
  •  PRO TIP.  Apply 2-3 coats to intensify the gold flake finish or stick to 1 coat for a delicate dash of bling.
  • IMPORTANT! Do not mix product Houses’ products. Stick to one Product House to prevent allergic reactions.

For that extra variety of GLAMOUR, choose one of the Flake Non Wipe Top Coat:

  • Gold
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Rose Gold


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