Triple Bond Vitamin Enriched Primer


3XV Triple Bond Vitamin enriched primer.

The ultimate bond that grips like double sided tape. This MMA free primer is gentle on the nails and skin without sacrificing performance. 3XV primer is a slightly thicker formula that forms a super bond layer with the added benefit of vitamins B5 & E. Perfect for customers that experience chronic lifting of applications. Pro10 bond & 3XV Triple Bond Vitamin enriched primer should not be applied over tips. DO NOT store in direct sunlight or expose to excessive heat and use as directed.

  • HOW DO I USE IT ?  Push back cuticles. Gently buff the nail surface to remove the shine. Dust the surface to remove dust. Apply a coat of Maskscara Dehydr8 to the nails. Apply a coat of Maskscara 3XV vitamin enriched primer to the nails and proceed with the desired application requirement. 3XV Triple Bond Vitamin enriched primer is a thicker formulation that coats the nails leaving a glossy grip surface once applied, DO NOT touch the surface once applied to avoid oil transfer.
  • PRO TIP ?  DO NOT flood the nail by applying an excessive amount of the bond. Perfect for customers who may have continuous lifting of products or for those who prefer the ultimate retention from a primer.

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