Wax Heater 500g


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Small wax heater for hot wax in facial cubicles (Heater may vary from picture).
A 500 g wax heater best suited for facial waxing using the Supernova film wax

When using a wax heater, ensure the following:

  • Hot wax must always be added to keep the wax heater full. The temperature should be on a dial from 1-6 where 4 is the ideal temperature.
  • Strip wax should always be full and refilled to avoid burning the client. On a dial of 1-6 it should be between 4 and 5.
  • Film wax should at a thick syrup consistency. On a dial from 1-6 it should be between 2 and 3

Clean with citric cleaner. Never clean plastic lids with citric cleaner only an oil to remove wax and keep the heater shiny

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